Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Weigh in 3

Another great week slimming and another loss, I hope I can keep this going!

I visited Dermalogica HQ today for more training, I just cant get enough.  Its easier to learn in a subject that you are passionate about, and helping ladies feel good in their own skin is very rewarding.

I pulled out my favourite scarf for my trip to the big city lol.

After my class I went for a back massage and even after losing only 8 lbs I could actually feel a difference in my body, I really needed that boost as I had no food prepared and the drive thrus and chip shops were calling me, really loudly!  I managed to get myself almost home and decided to pop into my local petrol station to pick up some fruit and there working away was one of the ladies who won a back massage donated by my salon at slimming world group just yesterday, I was so glad to see her face and share my driving past the drive thru story with someone who really understood, she agreed that some days are really hard but smiled and looked at my basket full of fruit. 

Monday, 23 January 2012

Online Skin Analysis

Over the past few weeks quite a few people have asked me for skincare advice online, I feel like I am disappointing them as I dont have the answer of a miracle product for breakouts.  My advice is and will always be to visit a professional salon and have a consultation and skin analysis to determine the cause/s of your breakouts. 

The most important thing to remember is that the skin, lifestyle, diet and budget of your friend or favourite beauty blogger is never going to 100% match yours, and so what works for them may not be for you.  The best advice you can take from your friend is the name and telephone number of the professional beauty therapist they know and trust and then pay them a visit.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Dear Diary

It has been a busy busy week at work with new products coming in, Crest White Strips are in demand, exciting times.

My slimming world is still going well, lots of home cooking, fruit and vegetables, hoping for another 2lbs off this Tuesday.

I needed a little retail therapy this week and opted for these as I don't want to buy clothes, they are super cute, just hope Bentley isn't embarrassed by his mummy in pink wellies haha. 

A few hours later I found myself ordering a dress for my valentines date night - I wont post a picture as George sometimes reads my blog, and I want to impress him on the night.

Bye for now

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Weigh in 2

I have been thinking about weigh in 2 since I woke up on Sunday morning feeling dehydrated after a huge meal and bottle of wine.  Every other day I simply stuck to Slimming World plan and ate syn free apart from 2 del monte juice ice lollies which are 3.5 syns. 

The result is .............

I am so happy with this, 2lbs is what I am aiming for each week, and I wont be dining out again until 14th February, when we are going to Berts at The Merchant Hotel and I am hoping to wear something HOT!

How has your week of slimming been?

Education Evolving and Exfoliation

What a weird title, let me explain.  I am a beauty therapist, and education is very important to me, this is one of the reasons I decided to train at a private college where outside examiners come in and observe students working under exam conditions, imagine for a moment doing a busy 8 hour day with an examiner looking over your shoulder and asking you in depth questions all while you are maintaining a professional environment in front of your client, its stressful, but I do have a sense of achievement knowing that I was tested and proved myself.

When a newly trained ITEC / CIDESCO therapist leaves college they do so with a huge knowledge of the human body and the detailed workings of electrical salon equipment and off they go to do what they love to do, which is make people feel good in their own skin.

The problem comes when a therapist thinks they know it all, don't get me wrong I do know it all about the products that I use and the equipment that I use along side them, this is because I have not stopped learning and evolving as a therapist, I attend classes at least every month on subjects from skin, massage, nails and waxing etc.  But I do not know it all about what is coming next in terms of ingredients, techniques, trends and new equipment and this is the reason that I have made a promise to both myself and my business to stay educated by attending classes every month of every year.

Now were does exfoliation come into all of this, well in my experience this is where most clients are going wrong, the skin care world has moved on a lot from scrubbing our faces with crushed apricot kernels (though granular scrubs are beneficial for younger very oily skins).  Get into your local professional salon and find out about lactic acid, salicylic acid, rice bran and lots of other goodies.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Blowing The Budget

Last night I had 23049823904 Slimming World syns, approximately.

We went out for a friends birthday dinner, it took me 15 minutes to decide between ordering a glass of wine or a bottle, only for the comedy of our waitress asking me how many glasses I needed with the bottle........... eh one thanks :)

The food was a lot better than I expected, I had only ever had lunch at The Pheasant before which was good pub grub.  Last night I dined on delicious fillet steak and the 23049823904 syns pepper sauce!

So all in all I had a lovely weekend, seeing friends and feeding my face.  I am totally ok with my synful dinner as we don't go out that often so in winter I wont be holding back from steak and dessert, in the warmer days however I will order delicious salads and not feel like I am missing anything.

Tomorrow I am meeting with my local Slimming World leader Caroline to arrange Bliss Beauty Clinic giving massage vouchers for her groups slimmer of the week, then its back to my tax return before visiting my friends new baby Emily.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Feeding My Soul

Tomorrow I have a day of catching up with girlies from my beauty course and being pampered from head to toe.

First of all I am off to see the fabulous Naomi of NB Beauty in Ballymena, I can vouch that she is a fabulous therapist, because I was there when she performed her first advanced bikini wax.......... I was there on the couch experiencing it  lol, anything for a pal.

I am having deluxe mani and pedi and then a much needed back exfoliation, don't be afraid to ask your therapist to perform this before your back massage, its something we just cant master ourselves :), then a back massage....BLISS

Afterwards I am off to catch up with Grainne another Roberta Mechan Beauty College gal who is working at Aura on the Lisburn Road, we are going for coffee.  I must not have a bun, I must not have a bun lol.

I don't see my friends often but when I do it really feeds my soul, even if you have to plan your catch ups weeks/months in advance I encourage you to do it, because when the date rolls around you will have a lovely day together.